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Your business needs a spreadsheet 📊

Keeping on top of your finances is a big part of running your business, with a business account you can connect your business banking directly to your budgeting spreadsheets, and know exactly where your finances stand. You also get access to the great tools offered by Google Sheets, such as connecting directly into business intelligence platforms like BigQuery & Looker.

How much does it cost? 💸

£15 per month, billed via Stripe.

What is it? 💭

UK banks have a pretty cool, but under-adopted feature called 'open banking' which is a set of APIs provided by all banks that allow users & companies to read data, pay & accept payments via a common interface. This page uses Truelayer to connect to your bank and read the balance & transactions, then writes that data into a spreadsheet using the Google Sheets API.

I use this tool to have my current bank balance in a few different spreadsheets, i also feed it into BigQuery as an external table so i can make a Grafana dashboard for my daily spending & budgets, you can find a guide on how to do that here.

Why should i trust you? 🕵️‍♀️

This project is open source, you can find it on GitHub. I never store or log any of your data & the only place the data lives is in your bank, and the spreadsheet you configure. The credentials used to access both google sheets and Truelayer are encrypted at rest via Google Cloud's KMS (Key Management Service). I will never share any of your data with a third party without your direct consent, and would only ever need to if we were debugging something with either Truelayer or Google Sheets. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at arussellsaw@hey.com or raise an issue on GitHub.

Is my bank supported? 🏦

You can find the list of supported banks here.

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